28 Apr
Homeland: Seasons 1-4

(Showtime, USA, 2011-): Homeland's struggles to contain its own lead character has provided of the most fascinating case studies in self-correcting long-form TV storytelling of the past decade. One the one hand, in Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), the brilliant but unbalanced CIA Homeland Security operative, is...

26 Apr
Drying Up the Streets

(Robin Spry, Canada, 1978): As close as Canadian TV ever got to an event that wasn't hockey, Robin Spry's movie about a recovering junkie LSD cook (Don Francks) trying to find a daughter lost to prostitution on Toronto's down and dirty Yonge Street strip is now...

22 Apr
The Fall: Series 2

(BBC, UK, 2015): The second six-episode cycle of Allan Cubitt's story of Belfast serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) and Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson), the transplanted London DCI charged with capturing him, ended with the kind of bang so gratuitously smacking of a desperate bid for a...

21 Apr
Cat People

(Jacques Tourneur, USA, 1942): As generous as history has been to Cat People, Jacques Tourneur's enduring argument for the power of suggestion over exhibition in horror movies specifically but arguably movies in general, it seems to have rather inadequately appreciated just why that suggestiveness remains...

16 Apr
The Hunt

(Thomas Vinterberg, Denmark/Sweden, 2012): When the citizens of a small Danish town turn on Lukas, a kindergarten teacher falsely accused by a little girl of exposing himself to her, they do so with such whiplash speed you wonder if they weren't just waiting for an opportunity...

14 Apr
It Follows

(David Robert Mitchell, USA, 2014): It may be more suggestive than conclusive, and longer on atmosphere than logic, but David Robert Mitchell's $2-million, made-in-Detroit movie about a carnally transmitted stalker so effectively evokes a sustained state of nightmare experience while paying dues to its influences it almost instantly...

12 Apr
Violent Saturday

(Richard Fleischer, USA, 1955): Living up to its pulp tabloid title -- burned in Cinemascopic molten lava-red letters against an imminent copper mine explosion -- and then some, Richard Fleischer's Violent Saturday is both sui generis and echt '50s. A largely forgotten fusion of steamy small-town melodrama and countdown crime thriller, the movie has belatedly...

11 Apr
The Disappearance

(Stuart Cooper, Canada/UK, 1977): Considering how rare the good movie was made under the Canadian Tax Shelter system, it's startling how long it took for Stuart Cooper's neo-noir mind-game movie The Disappearance to get something like a considered re-appraisal. But that's because, too true to its title and...

09 Apr
Night of the Living Dead

(George A. Romero, USA, 1968): In genre terms, the ground zero for the zombie apocalypse as we now know it was Pittsburgh, where a commercial and industrial filmmaker named George A. Romero first came up with a devastatingly simple but irresistibly viral idea: bring the...

07 Apr
Street Mobster

(Kinji Fukasaku, Japan, 1972): In one of those more singular convergences of form and content, the filmmaking style of Kinji Fukasaku seemed to find its perfect subject in Bunta Sugawara. A lean-bodied former model with a face as sharp, angular and angry as cornered alley cat, Sugawara became...